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Its slow clunky and just as big of a rip to Clash Royale as jungle clash is Giant bat = mega minion Water = elixir Pearls = gems

Tribal Mania

I know that Tribal Mania is a ripoff version of Clash Royale and its in currently what is dubbed the "OP Mega Minion" because of its newly released card "Giant Bat"(mega minion). Its pretty interesting to see the meta in the ripoff. They also have mediocre customer service, so theyre not as bad as you think. I bought the Wabajah Fort(Spell Valley) pack that consists of a super enchanted chest(smc), 2400 pearls(gems), and 2000 gold. There was a bug and to refund me, they gave me 7200 pearls and 2000 gold.

Cool when you still want to play clash royal but are tired of saying Fireball or Rocket?


Its the bomb

Good game


This game is perfect at trying to copy the best game ever but they know that a parents basement wont get them money so why not create a utterly ripoff!

The 5 star reviews the developers wrote always crack me up

This game is EXACTLY the same as clash royale, expect worse. The only reason the average ratings are like 2.5 stars instead of 1 is because the developers wrote a bunch of good reviews. Seriously, they are so stupid and so obvious which reviews are fake. They say stuff like, "this game is creative and unique" No one is falling for that! Clash royale even came first! This is basically a Arab version of clash but the gameplay is much less smooth

Seems rigged

Please explain how being 500+ daggers under the top two players in the world would still put me to face them 9 times out of 13 games. The match making on this seems set to make people fail.

Better than Clash Royale

I dont get why so many are mad. Supercell doesnt have a patent on the game. I love this game because it has everything Clash Royale offers plus more.

What is this?????

A dumb rip of of the strong series clash royal

Um, is this legal?

This is an obvious ripoff of the much more popular game, Clash Royale. The gameplay is identical, but isnt as smooth, and feels slow. The characters are just lousy, bootleg versions of Clash Royale characters, from their attacks, designs, and names. Gems are replaced with pearls, Elixir is replaced with water, and Clans are replaced with Tribes. The Card rarity, the emoticons, everything is plagiarized. The creators of this game apparently couldnt make anything themselves, as everything is stolen from a much better game. This is just a failed attempt to profit off of a successful, franchised game. Tribal Mania offers nothing original, and it feels slow. If you want a more fun and fluent experience, dont waste your time with this trash, and download Clash Royale instead. ( P.S. - All those reviews that call this game "amazing" or "The Best Game Ever", are probably just the idiotic developers trying to promote their garbage game. )

Terrible without a mute

Fun but clunky. I would like it if it werent horrible nasty people with their sarcastic emotes. I going to trash this app unless they put in a mute like clash royale did.


This is the best game ive ever played in my life. This game is 100 times better than clash royale. Ive never had so much fun on my phone ever. Ive spent all my money on it so i can become the best.


So love the game just like clash royal but sometimes things are not good just had a battle An I won I got all 3 towers b4 time up An it gave me the lose I have a screen shot showing I won whats up with that


I actually like it. Ya its not clash royale because its not clash royale. I havent seen any lag or nothing like that.


This is game is the same game as clash royale and if SuperCell finds out that you copied their game they can sue you . AWFUL GAME

Dont do it

The game locks up way too much. It also seems to favor its "arab" players. We are here to play a game, stop dropping connection. Please dont get this game.

Copy cats

You guys completely copied supercells game clash royale except clash royale is better


This suks btw my Xbox Gamertag is FatalXDiamondz


Come on dude just make your own game, you dont have to ripoff other games. You copied clash royale to the last detail

Dont judge a cover by its book

Yes its a ripoff of clash Royale but at least its good

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