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Continue the Crusades

Abolish Islam and reclaim the holy land

D- (needs improvement)

This game does all of the things that Clash Royale did but doesnt attempt to improve on any of them. In Bedouin Rivals, you did all of the things that Clash of Clans did but added a storyline. Maybe if you added a storyline to this game it would get a better reception. Maybe.


A break from CR . A different look and I hope this game goes far!

Horrible slow game

Esta es una copia mal hecha de clash royal

Why did h make a clash royal rip offf

When I play tribel Marian I fell like when I battel why do I battel. Lv 5 Plus the rip off is trebale if hate rip offf get rid of the game


They won’t optimize the game, it’s choppy, cards are so over powered and unbalanced, don’t bother.

Fix the Glitch

Im stuck at 1900-2000 not because I lose, but the game kicks me from the game once in a while. Its one thing to be gone for 10 seconds, but its worse when it sends you to the title screen and acts like the battle didnt happen and the game gives you a good old -60 to someone who you couldve beat any day of the week. Please fix the glitch I dropped 250 daggers because of this.


I can’t even win a match


For all you people that r idiots Tribal Mania came out AFTER clash Royale and all Tribals troops r fricken garbage, oil rlly?


This game is trashhhhhhhhhhhh

Clash Royale rip off

Its a clash Royale rip off but its kinda fun so 3 stars

Favorite game... needs nudes

I LOVE THIS GAME? I played a ripoff called Clash Royale, and it didnt even get close to how amazing Tribal Mania is. I hope they patent this game so no one else can steal this design. Praise Allah P.S. Nude characters in new update????!!!!


Its slow clunky and just as big of a rip to Clash Royale as jungle clash is Giant bat = mega minion Water = elixir Pearls = gems

Cool when you still want to play clash royal but are tired of saying Fireball or Rocket?


Tribal Mania

I know that Tribal Mania is a ripoff version of Clash Royale and its in currently what is dubbed the "OP Mega Minion" because of its newly released card "Giant Bat"(mega minion). Its pretty interesting to see the meta in the ripoff. They also have mediocre customer service, so theyre not as bad as you think. I bought the Wabajah Fort(Spell Valley) pack that consists of a super enchanted chest(smc), 2400 pearls(gems), and 2000 gold. There was a bug and to refund me, they gave me 7200 pearls and 2000 gold.

Its the bomb

Good game


This game is perfect at trying to copy the best game ever but they know that a parents basement wont get them money so why not create a utterly ripoff!

The 5 star reviews the developers wrote always crack me up

This game is EXACTLY the same as clash royale, expect worse. The only reason the average ratings are like 2.5 stars instead of 1 is because the developers wrote a bunch of good reviews. Seriously, they are so stupid and so obvious which reviews are fake. They say stuff like, "this game is creative and unique" No one is falling for that! Clash royale even came first! This is basically a Arab version of clash but the gameplay is much less smooth

Seems rigged

Please explain how being 500+ daggers under the top two players in the world would still put me to face them 9 times out of 13 games. The match making on this seems set to make people fail.

Better than Clash Royale

I dont get why so many are mad. Supercell doesnt have a patent on the game. I love this game because it has everything Clash Royale offers plus more.

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